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About Utila

This website has a host of information about activities, lodging, travel, and more for people interested in visiting Utila.

Utila Guide

The Utila Guide strives to provide a comprehensive online guide for activities and organizations in Utila.

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Dive Centers

Alton's Dive Center
Bay Islands College of Diving
Captain Morgan's Dive Centre
Coral View Dive Centre
Cross Creek Dive Center
Deep Blue Divers
Ecomarine Gunter's Dive Shop
Paradise Divers
Parrots Dive Shop
Underwater Vision
Utila Dive Center
Utila Water Sports

Other Conservation Organizations

Iguana Station

The Utila Iguana Station also strives to conserve Utila's precious natural resources, with its efforts focused specifically on Iguanas. The Iguana Station also accepts volunteers, and it is a popular attraction to see the Iguanas that live only in Utila

Utila Centre for Marine Ecology (UCME)
Whale Sharks and Oceanic Research Centre (WSORC)

Volunteer Resources


LIVFund is a new organization that is offering a $500USD Scholarship to applicants over 18 for internship, study or volunteering abroad in Latin America. They have an open enrollment and award scholarships to 2 applicants per month. Applicants are automatically reconsidered each month throughout their placement. Prospective BICA volunteers may apply up to 6 months prior to their placement start date. Successful applicants are required to post 4 blogs of at least 500 words each during their sponsored placement in return for the scholarship.

The application process begins with an on-line form, in which the applicant provides basic information (contact information, brief description of desired program, sponsoring organization, etc.) and an "essay" which can be presented using video, photography, graphic design OR writing. If video, it must be available via a YouTube URL and limited to two [2] minutes. If photography or graphic design, it must be uploadable as PDF or JPG files. If written, it can be copied and pasted into the form (recommended) or uploaded as PDF or JPG files, and is limited to 300 words.


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